Why partner with Us?

benefitRFP is the new destination for top advisors to stand out in their chosen practice. We combine technological innovation with best in class practice management to allow you to excel. Our approach is to take over the functions that keep advisors like you from spending more time with your clients.


Clients demand more | Technology

Technology is quickly gaining momentum in the financial services and insurance business. Clients demand that their advisor teams embrace the most powerful tools available to them to deliver an effective process and solutions.

Differentiate yourself by joining the future of of business owner and executive benefits and wealth management. benefitRFP is innovating how we uncover the needs of your clients and subsequently build and place suitable solutions. 


Join into Expertise | Team Approach

Advisors tend to specialize in a specific area, but would like to maximize the client relationship across multiple lines of business. By joining benefitRFP through our Preferred Partner Agreement (PPA) you gain the access to easily open the opportunities, work with the experts to close, process and service the additional business.

The team advising model works by pairing your area of expertise with the expertise of our other firms. This allows you to grow your practice by leveraging your client relationships to solidify other lines of business and offer a truly comprehensive risk management and planning solution to your clients.


Differentiate yourself & Your Firm

Whether you're looking to recruit additional advisors to your practice or wow your clients, being part of Preferred Partner Agreement (PPA) program will give you an edge.

We have PPA packages available for:

  • Individual Advisors | Immediately increase the scope and sophistication of your practice.

  • Small Advisor Firms | Enhance your scope and gain the ability to compete with the larger firms while gaining a recruiting edge to grow your firm.

  • Larger Firms | Provide best in class tools and augment your expertise to maximize and grow your book of business.

Our Technology

Built specifically for advisors to deliver a process that allows you to:

  • Follow a proven sales methodology

  • Uncover client needs in an engaging conversation

  • Deliver complex needs & risk analysis in a simple format

  • Open more opportunities by incorporating risks from other business lines

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