Executive Benefits are vital to forge a culture of high performance. Offering these types of benefits are essential to overcoming the limitations of your current group benefit plans for your top performers and key employees. Proper Executive Benefit plans allow you to design custom packages for a select group of your senior management to recruit, retain and reward their unique skills.


Nonqualifed Deferred Compensation

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans allow you to select a key group of your top performers to save money for their financial goals in a tax advantaged manner. The company may also make discretionary matches and performance contributions. These company contributions can be subject to vesting schedules that create golden handcuffs to reward and retain key performers. Companies successfully use the contributions as alternatives to granting equity plans. Through our subsidiary benefitRFP we specialize in:

  • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans

  • Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP)

  • 409A plans

  • Long term incentive programs


Restorative Benefits

Group plans such as disability and life insurance typically discriminate against your top performers based on coverage limits. For example: Your group disability plan may only cover 60% salary up to $10,000/month. Group plans typically do not cover bonus or incentive compensation. Special disability and life insurance carveout plans are needed to restore your key employees to benefit parity. Here are the plans for which we provide expert guidance:

  • 401k excess plans

  • Supplemental executive disability plans

  • Supplemental executive life insurance plans

  • Executive bonus plans

  • Bank leveraged programs


409A Equity Integration Plans

Did you know you can give your top performers the ability to manage their payouts and taxes on equity plans such as restriced stock units? By integrating your eligible equity plans into a 409A plan you can greatly enhance your key employees ability to use these common plans to reach their financial goals in a tax efficient manner. This can enhance the effectiveness of the plans to drive a high performance culture. These equity integrations can be used:

  • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans that allow for equity deferrals

  • Equity alternative plans

  • Phantom stock plans

  • Performance contribution plans