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Using the insights we’ve gained from our many successful engagements, we explore your unique situation and offer customized recommendations from our open architecture suite of solutions.

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  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation - enables highly compensated employees to defer compensation on a pre-tax basis in excess of qualified deferral limits.
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) – a nonqualified plan that is used to supplement an executive’s retirement income that can act as “golden handcuffs” through the use of vesting schedules
  • Equity Alternative – a way to incentivize top performers that can be used in lieu of or to augment traditional equity based plans
  • Executive Bonus – a company sponsored plan designed for tax-deferred accumulation and tax-free distribution

Capital Maximization Strategies

  • A program designed to improve the IRR on inert corporate cash holding

Restorative Benefits Suite

  • Carve Out Disability Insurance – a program for highly compensated individuals to cover the gap created by traditional group disability limits that could result in a significant income shortfall in the event of disability
  • Specialty Life and Disability Insurance – specialty programs to accommodate ultra-high limits or special circumstances that can’t be covered through “off-the-shelf” products
  • Long Term Care – a benefit program that helps executives offset one of the fastest rising costs of retirement

Tax Exempt Organization Suite

  • 457 Select – a non-qualified plan that is used to supplement an executive's retirement income that can act as "golden handcuffs" through the use of predetermined service periods
  • Executive/Physician Bonus - a company sponsored plan designed for tax-deferred accumulation and tax-free distribution

Bank Strategies

Premium Financing

  • Programs designed to use borrowed dollars to fund estate planning or business planning needs in order improve cash flow

Business Owner & Succession Planning

  • Estate Planning – preserves assets for future generations
  • Buy-Sell – assures business continuity by properly planning for the transition of business interests in the event of an owner’s premature death
  • Key Person Insurance – protects against the financial impact of the premature death of a key employee

Qualified Plans

  • Ensure you have best in class plan offerings

Compensation Consulting

  • Through our relationship with LTC Performance Strategies, you can be sure your compensation strategy is competitive

Health & Welfare

  • Review your existing group plans to ensure you have the best option available