Bob Nienaber | CEO

Bob has the responsibility of heading up one of the most prolific cloud based service providers in the executive benefits business. The organization is comprised of top recognized experts who are dedicated to benefit clients and industry partners. The team has the experience of working with 1000’s of non-qualified executive benefit plans ranging from not for profit organizations through large privately held companies as well as Fortune 100 clients. benefitRFP’s team has the unique experience of working on both national and international corporate executive benefit plans. In addition to his role at benefitRFP, Bob serves on the Advisory Board for the American Association of Life Underwriter (AALU) Executive Benefits Committee, and through AALU’s Impact Committee, works with members of the Congressional Senate Finance Committee on issues affecting corporate executive benefit plans.  



Steffen Nass, ChFC, RIA | VP Digital Innovation

Steffen is the co-founder and VP of Digital Innovation of benefitRFP. 

Born and raised in Germany, he has an intrinsic need to improve efficiencies of process and quality of output. This quest for progress led him to become the visionary architect of the cutting edge benefitMATRIX™ technology.

Fifteen years of experience as an innovation leader in the executive benefits field has guided him to develop an engaging client experience when analyzing and designing executive benefit platforms using his benefitDIAGNOSTIC™, planBUILDER™, and benefitCONCIERGE™ technology solutions.



Mike Piatt, CLU | Vice President

A former collegiate basketball coach, Mike brings a wealth of energy and experience to his role of Vice President to Benefit RFP. With over twenty years of highly successful consultative planning strategies, he has been very creative in designing unique non-qualified plans to help his clients grow their companies and protect their estates. Specializing in tax management, cash flow management, and wealth accumulation strategies, his clients appreciate his strategies to help them achieve their goals. 
A nationally sought after sales and marketing public speaker, Mike has given over hundred speeches to a wide range of companies. He has been a National Sales Trainer for Ohio National Life Insurance Company, as well as a General Agent for Ohio National Life Insurance and Guarantee Reserve Life Insurance Companies.


Leah Atyeo | Marketing and Client Services Manager

Leah assists with Nations Choice HUB Services to develop and implement marketing strategies integral to the company’s vast array of product and services. She is the liaison between client, agent and carrier contacts for Executive Benefits, ensuring a smooth execution and implementation of desired services.  Leah brings over 20 years’ experience with retail management in customer service, sales and logistics with Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.








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